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Tax Preparation & Filing Services


For your convenience, we offer two contact-free drop off locations to ensure our mutual safety during

COVID-19. Drop off is 

available in South Windsor and in East Windsor.


Your time is precious. Save travel time by uploading your documents from the

comfort of your home. And, maintain future access to your documents.


As experienced professionals, we pride ourselves on serving our valued clients with integrity and providing an excellent customer service experience.


Your documents are

secured with end-to-end encryption, stored in Canada and privacy is in

compliance with PIPEDA


Step One

Please email us to notify us that you would like us to prepare your income tax return.

When we receive your request, an email invite will be sent for you to access a secure online portal that allows for the collection and organization of your tax information.

After the invite is accepted and you have created an account, you will be guided to respond to questions that are required to complete your income tax return and prompted to upload any necessary documentation.

If you prefer to drop off your documents, we have two locations; one in South Windsor and one in East Windsor. Both of these locations have locked mailboxes to allow for drop off at your convenience. Please email us to let us know that you prefer this option. When dropping off documents, ensure that your documents are placed in a sealed envelope with your name and phone number/email.

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Step Two

Once you have responded to all questions in the portal and uploaded all necessary documentation,  you will receive personalized authorization form via email. This authorization form will enable us to access your tax information with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). For more information about this authorization, click here.

If you have dropped off your documentation, we will contact you to confirm receipt of your records and review a few items with you.

Your income tax return will be prepared and reviewed by our team. If we have any questions or require clarification, we will contact you.


Step Three

After your return is complete, you will receive Form T183, Information Return for Electronic Filing of an Individual's Income Tax and Benefit Return via email. This form will indicate your total income, taxable income, federal non-refundable credits and your refund/balance owing. By signing this form, you are authorizing LJ Business Solutions to electronically file your income tax return on your behalf.

Credit Card

Step Four

An invoice will be emailed to you for our services. Payment can be made via e-transfer or by credit card.

Contract Review

Step Five

Upon payment of the invoice, your income tax return will be electronically submitted to CRA and a copy will be uploaded to the online portal for your records. You will receive an email notification when your return is available in the portal.

If you have dropped off your records, we will email you to arrange for document pick up and supply you with a printed copy of your return.

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